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Stacy Lynn Lehnus Rachels


Stacy Lynn Lehnus Rachels was born on June 12, 1959 in the small town of Eldora, Iowa.

She was a vivacious woman with a contagious, signature laugh and a deep love for Jesus. Her outgoing personality always extended kindness to anyone she met and she would welcome you with no judgment and instantly make you feel like family.

Stacy met her husband Scott Wunderlich Rachels in Memphis, TN and the two were married for 39 ½ years. During that time, they started a family and moved to the countryside, where they would live until all of their children were grown. They raised two girls and two boys, Erica Lynn Rachels, Dr. Scott Wunderlich Rachels Jr. (Elizabeth Kidd Rachels), Lillian Brooke Rachels, and Peter William Rachels. Stacy chose to not only be a stay at home mom, but to also “professionally tutor on a private estate outside of the city” (homeschool) all four of her kids. Her love of Jesus is still evident in her children and all the lives of those she influenced each and every day. One her most talked about memories were the many mornings that she would wake up to find the house full of her children’s friends camped out in varying rooms and on every piece of available furniture. She loved them all as her own and it gave her great joy that they were comfortable and felt like they belonged in her home. Everyone thought she was the coolest mom. Stacy was bright and witty, which made her a natural teacher. She loved spending time outside and her children have fond memories of her rearranging school hours to enjoy a sunny afternoon and working around her husband’s schedule so they could all spend time together.

The Rachels family built many memories in Destin, a destination that held a special place in Stacy’s heart. She loved the beach and anything that involved water. She loved taking baths, swimming in pools, adored the ocean, and always had a glass of ice water in her hand. This time with family was sacred to her and she was refreshed when she was basking in the awe of God’s creation.

Her bright, inquisitive mind always had her moving. She was constantly active and it was rare to see her sit still, but when she would, she enjoyed working puzzles, gardening, and spending time talking with her friends and family. Stacy loved taking care of the vast menagerie of animals that would somehow end up on the Rachels’ farm (whether they were dumped off strays or magically appeared at the hands of her kids or husband) they were all loved and cared for deeply. One of her greatest joys was adventures with her most recent dog, Noel, who was by her side as long as there was a treat available.

Stacy had a quick and sharp wit, along with an incredible sense of humor. She kept things upbeat and lighthearted and one of her favorite things to ask her kids (and pretty much anyone she could entice) was “do you want to play a game?” This was her way of trying to pull you into helping her with a chore or task that needed to be completed. She loved to set the timer and play what she called “beat the clock”, to create some fun while doing what needed to be done. Stacy was half Norwegian (we joke that this practically made her a Viking) and it truly showed in her work ethic. She was the most hardworking woman you would ever meet and was always outside pulling weeds, cleaning the pool and working on a project. She loved playing in the dirt and seeing the results of her hard work. She was an example to those around her on how to be an incredible steward of what they had been given.

There were so many people and things Stacy loved. Above all, her family was always at the top of the list and she was constantly focused on teaching them about Jesus and building their relationships with Him. She may not have seen it, but even in her struggles, she was a bold example of Christ and she impacted so many for Him. She loved Jesus with all her heart and although she constantly battled with self doubt and feelings of failure, she was always praying over her loved ones and friends.

Her love of life was evident to all who met her. It is hard for her family to imagine life without her and she is deeply missed. Stacy chose to become an organ donor, because she hoped that her final act on this earth would be one that would change someone’s life. She would be thrilled to know that her selfless gift has impacted at least three families and we rejoice that God once again has been glorified in death. Her faith in God, and the salvation we all have through Jesus Christ, told her that this mortal body will be replaced by something greater. So while we mourn her loss, we celebrate her life and find peace and joy in knowing that this physical body she leaves behind is going to be a blessing to others.

Lord, you are my portion and my cup of blessing; you hold my future. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance. I will bless the Lord who counsels me – even at night when my thoughts trouble me. I always let the Lord guide me.

Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

Psalm 16:5-8

In lieu of flowers please consider a memorial gift to:

Care Net Pregnancy Medical Center

305 S Main Street

Dickson TN 37055